Fulfilling my new year resolutions

I felt all along, I really had a long list of things of personal goals that I wished to accomplish or achieve. I got myself a small notebook and penned down my wish lists, whether if it's achievable in the short run or not. Some of the goals sounds impossible now, though it can be achieve via a good plan, like settling my housing loans in a shorter time. Some of my other goals are more realistic but required some amount of discipline like passing an exam to getting to get a professional certification in one aspect of my work.

I read a book called 'Dare to Win' written by the Chicken Soup authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen who encourages one to list down as many goals as possible so that you can achieved more goals. It's not a bad idea as some goals that you have planned for may not materialize due to some unforeseen circumstances. Thus, just note down what you wanted to do, prioritized it and work on it.

Well,  most of my goals are 'half-baked' and not very accomplished yet while now is already July. I guess it's likely due to discipline and also poor time management. So, I decided to plan out on achieving the goals by allocating a certain time of the day to work on it, as well as make sure that time is right for working on that goal. For example, definitely you wouldn't want to study for your exam on a sat night. :)

Guess I needed to stick to my plan now and work on it.... as well as strike a balance between leisure and relaxation. How about you guys ...any goals set in the beginning of the year has been accomplished?


  1. i have one too many goals in the past hahahaa trying to be realistic these days and work on it one by one and these days it has come down to only to write better and to live life...

    ps: hope you'll reach your goals soon :)

  2. My support for you to achieving your goals bro,,,, i always believe the best thing to help us to cultivate determination is by doing sport.. take running for an example, today you start with a 10 minutes run, then you tell yourself tomorrow you will do 20, it will be hard for newbie but when you done it, you go for another 10 and another 10... that's what i do always when i feel down and out, i hit the road and run for more than 1 hour non stop to perk myself up again

  3. sure can one, bro.. if u think u can, means u can...

    btw, u have been tagged by me.. u can sure do one!!

  4. Manglish - haha..thanks bro

    smallkucing - no problem with that, you are living a happy, contented life.

    eugene - thanks. I used to have goals on sports too - body building , a long long time ago and I quit hahaha... and of recently, badminton training. However, now I give priorities to more important stuffs in my life, whereas sports are merely for leisure and well being.

    reanaclaire - haha..sure sure!