Most of the folks are very affected by gossips. Even a slight gossip that they heard about themselves can give them a bad day and feel terrible. A friend of mine recently heard something about herself and she really felt bad about it. 

By lending a listening ear to her, I told her that everyone are being 'gossiped' before. There won't be one person in an organisation, school or even in the family are not being talked behind their back before. Even the person who started the gossip definitely have been a victim before and many times too. Thus, if that's the case, why bothered about what people said about yourself. Of course, if you think there is something not quite right with yourself where even your trusted friends or family members also commented about it, just go all out to correct or improve yourself.

Other than that, let's not bother too much about what people says about you but continue to do what you think is right. Afterall, everybody talks about everyone..... even ourselves also gossiped about others though it's better not to start.

Afterall, as in Matthew 7:5 - You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.


  1. but it's best not to gossip too much..

  2. wenn - yeah. better don't start one. See ourselves first before we judge others :)

  3. one ear in next ear out. end of story :D

  4. hmmmm....i like to listen to gossip not so much a monger myself hahaa

  5. Gossipers are just sick lah,,,,,, and most of the time these gossipers are not happy people, trust me i know that for i have seen many of them.

  6. Merryn - exactly!

    manglish - everybody loves it as long as not talking about oneself..haha

    eugene - how good if everyone don't gossip, right?

  7. gossip once a while is ok...something to excite ur life.

  8. Hi Chris, if there's 3 things I dislike most in an office...it's wearing a tie, office gossip and office politics.

    One time one of my lady staff took a day off work, I noticed her empty desk. Her boss told me she heard a nasty gossip about her and became distressed, even though it was not true.

    You are right, there will always be people with nothing better to do than spreading, adding their 25 cents worth....to gossips.

    Well, I discreetly passed the word around, that if any office gossips reaches my ears, I will personally investigate up to the source, i.e. how and when that last person got or heard it from.

    And God help that person who initiated or started it....
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  9. Hello Chris, drop by if free. Best regards, Lee.

  10. wise hints,
    gossip is no good, information are interpreted and salted when passing,
    it is good to do it less or not at all...

    Happy Saturday!