New toy .... and Happy New Year 2018!

Well, once you have stopped blogging for a while, usually that laziness will crept in. This is especially so after some long holidays. I tell myself to write something after I reached home from work and settled down but I ended doing something else. Muahahahaha.... glad I manage to start my first post of 2018. And, oh.. wishing you guys a blessed New Year! Hope it's not too late to wish you!

I got myself a gift too for the new year since my 3 year old Garmin Vivoactive GPS running watch strap was broken. This was my second strap where I bought a replacement last year which cost me around S$50+. I thought it's not feasible to buy another strap again since the watch is obsolete and while its upgraded version cost S$299. I will spent almost S$100+ on the straps alone if I get another one! While shopping for a watch, my colleague recommended me the Amazfit Bip , which cost only S$100 online.

Unboxing my new toy ... it looks like an Apple Watch ! LOL

The watch and the charger. One charge can last 45 days if the GPS is not activated (that's what I read)

The watch packed with a lot of features - Steps tracking, Sleep tracking, Heart rate tracking, GPS for outdoor activities like running, cycling and walking, smartwatch for the phone where it receives notifications, can answer or hang up a call, weather information, compass, alarm and etc. It can be synced to the Mi Fit app which also can configured the watch's settings. To sync to third party running apps like Strava, Runkeeper will required  an alternative app called 'Notify and Fitness' which is only available from Google Playstore currently. I guess for this price, it is an affordable watch.
My new toy
Initially, I had problems getting the GPS signal as it took a while to lock it. However, after I did a factory reset where the firmware was reinstalled, the GPS signal is available within 1-2 minutes. Well, I also bought some bumper to protect the watch and it's on delivery soon.

And, not forgetting I had a simple dinner during Chrismas eve in Vivo Pizza. We ordered main pastas as you can never go wrong with pastas in Italian restaurants.

Mushroom Aglio Olio

Beef Bolognaise

Mushroom carbonara

And a chicken chop for my little princess.
Have a great weekend ahead!!


  1. So you bought yourself a new gift for the new year, do enjoy using your new watch!

    Black is a very practical colour for your watch.

    Happy 2018 to you and your family too!

  2. Happy New Year to you too.

    Nice gift to reward your self. You deserve it.

  3. Happy Blessed New Year to you and your family...

    The watch reminds me of National Step Challenge, I lost the watch, maybe will get one like the one you got...

  4. That looks nice! Love the mushroom aglio oilio and the chop, not so into bolognaise or carbonara.

  5. Happy New Year! Wah...very canggih looking watch :)

  6. Wow!! That watch could last 45 days while mine only 4 days and costs RM500.