China Trip 2017 - Zhuhai ....

Continuing my travelogue to Macau and Southern China last month in December 2017, where I went to Macau and several provinces in Guangdong. If you miss my first travelogue, please click on this link. :) After we are done visiting Macau, it's time to cross over to Zhuhai, which is just an immigration block away. Yeah, we entered the CIQ building at Macau and leave the building in Zhuhai, thus it's just a building away! hahaha.... Anyway, we were late and were at the CIQ during the peak hour where throngs and throngs of workers and labour leaving for Zhuhai. I gotta hold my kids tight as well as the tour guide had a hard time looking after all of us! It was chaotic! hhahaha...

We felt so relaxed after reaching Zhuhai and started doing some  shopping while waiting for the tour bus to arrive, at a huge shopping centre near the CIQ. And, I like the cantonese speaking staff over there!! Felt so much at 'home'!!! I didn't even have much chance to speak cantonese in SG and JB!

The popular statue of Yunu
We first visited the statue of Yunu , which was near the seaside. I love the cool breeze blew towards us in the morning, though it's a bit hazy on that day. There was a love story about Yunu and Shijing, who has his own statue nearby a hill. Lots of photo taking occurs here including a family portrait below. Next, off we go to Shijing hill, where took a short cable car ride to the peak for sight-seeing.

The statue of Shijing with my wifey and princess posing here.

One of the landscape views I captured at the hill. We had a good look at Zhuhai and Macau here, though it's a bit hazy that morning.
I also snapped some pixs of Zhuhai city centre and like any Chinese cities, the roads are huge with lots of skyscrapers and buildings, not forgetting the lines of obikes everywhere!

Zhuhai city centre

OBikes everywhere!!

Big but clean roads !
After lunch,  we proceeded for some shopping before going to the Yuan Ming Palace, which is the only royal garden in South China. It was picturesque place where we really took a lot of photos around. We were also treated to a live show there about China's royal history.

The Yuan Ming Palace

One of the ancient building there

Looks like an abandoned fort

Yours truly with family and fellow tour members waiting for the live show

Invasion of foreign powers in old China

The fall of the palace

Restoration - beautiful performance by the artists

Some weird looking trees there

And the serene lake at Yuan Ming palace
We had a great evening of street shopping at Zhuhai, which was just below our hotel. In facr, this was a convenient hotel where there are lots of street peddlers and big malls around. Thus, once the tour ended for the day, we have it free and easy. 

The bright shops along the street where our hotel is located

Shopping malls are abundant here

Love the happening place there and it opens till very late. 
It was a tired day as we woke up around 6am and thus, after a nice stroll around, we went to our hotel to rest and get ready for the next day, and yes, gotta wake up early too. :)


  1. Not bad, got watch live show and shopping too, I like it when the shops open until very late, very happening

    1. Yes, it is so convenient unlike SG, where the malls started closing at 9.30pm!!

  2. Ahhhh!!! You went over to China too? Ooops!! Actually, HK is in China now as well. Somehow, the Fra East does not interest me very much.

    1. Yeah, but Macau is a special administrative area, still need to go through the ciq for now .

  3. Heard a lot about Zhuhai. Look like a nice place for sight-seeing and shopping.

  4. You just missed using the longest bridge that connects HKG, Macau and Zhuhai which opened on 1st January.
    This city is interesting and big. Where are the kawai girls?

  5. Very interesting tour for the whole family. Must be quite tiring following the tour as it sounds like quite rushed.

  6. The palace itself is so magnificent! And the weather looks quite ok then =)

  7. Normally during those live shows, I would fall asleep in the middle of it.. very tired after sitting in the bus most of the time.. auntie ma...

  8. Awesome! Beautiful scenery there, even though to reach there is very tiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays. theapartmentscanggu.com