This is my first post in November and I am glad I finally blogged. It was a busy start to the month but I feel great to have a spent a pleasant weekend with my family. Lazing around in a cafe with good food and spending a long time there was a great idea. At least, it helps to wind down and feel the bliss of a sabbatical Sunday. We were at Lavender bistro this afternoon for a late lunch cum tea. The kids were having a good time snacking on cookies after their meals while I enjoyed their free wifi.

My wifey had a char kway teow ... it tasted good. Cost around RM12. 

My two kids shared a teriyaki salmon rice. This cost us RM20 but the portion was quite big. They can't even finished it and I need to come in ..to eat..

I had a simple cheese and ham ciabatta ,, which was my favourite. 

And, the meal was not complete without a cuppa of Americano!
 I always love to spend the weekend afternoon in a bistro and wind down and I guess that's how weekend are spent. I had a good coffee and surf the net while my kids shop for their cookies and buns in Lavender, before going around the mall.

Have a great week.


  1. wah CKT at Rm12 swt.... no thank you :p

  2. Ken - high class CKT mah..hahaha

  3. RM12??? Good grief! That's Australian price! Wahhhh!!! Your kids have expensive taste...got class lah! LOL!!!

  4. STP - Nowadays eating in bistro like that la...Once a while lor

  5. Yummy!! Where is this Lavender Bistro? The price is expensive!

    1. FoongPc - Lavender bistro is popular in jb and have many branches. They also have one pastry shop in pavilion.

  6. Hi Chris, just to let you know I'm making my blog private wef wednesday.
    If you interested to be invited in, please ceck out my latest and previous posting before Wed.
    Thank you, keep well.