It's school holidays and back to Legoland......

Since it was the school holidays, I fulfilled my promise to my kid to bring him and his sis to JB's two biggest kiddy friendly theme parks (again), Legoland and Little Big Club on last Friday and Saturday. Well, glad to see his happy and delighted face while leaving for the theme parks. I can't blame him cos he had a tough schooling and tuition period. Well, nowadays, the kids were really poor thing, unlike my time, where study or no study during primary school doesn't really matter....hahaha... It  was quite tiring, as my wifey and I spent almost two full days walking around at the theme park. These were really lots of exercise for us!

Had a rendang nasi lemak first before leaving.... this lunch packs lots of energy and cholesterol and uric acid....etc.. :P

Reach Little Big Club in Nusajaya and pose with Chicken barn  at Lat's gallery
One of the rides at Little Big Club ..my little princess's favourite! As for me, I am lucky I  don't need Panadol to counter the 'dizziness'

Reminds me of my childhood....

Watched Barney and friends live....

Playing pingu sliding game
 It was a crowded Legoland the next day compare to the Little Big Club where there were almost no queues for all the rides. We even repeat our rides at Little Big Club but it was a different story at Legoland. There were lots of tourists of different nationalities and it was long queue everywhere. I still prefers going on a normal weekend unlike the school holidays.
His favourite ride!

Miniland ..... up and below

The just 'completed' Menara Maybank...

Posing with a Lego-man... 
With an annual pass, my kid will be going again with his mom while I at work next week. And, I guess he can enjoy more rides with lesser folks as Singapore is not on school holidays yet. :)


  1. you so near to legoland...me jealous lor

  2. Your parents here with me when looking at these pictures.. girl looks like mother.. boy like father.. so ngam ngam hoe..

  3. Wait til my boy is big enough, will bring him to Legoland! ;)

  4. Oh did not see that Menara Maybank last time! So just completed eh? What else is new at Legoland? : )

    Btw, that nasi lemak rendang is so delicious!! Yummy!

  5. Me still have not visit Legoland yet...

  6. Holidays!!! Best time for kids. Enjoy yourselves.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! :)

    I want to go to Legoland, perhaps I should dedicate a weekend to go there but I hear some of the rides not suitable for small kids.

  8. ooking forward to legoland myself. The slide is certainly fun:D Reckon I will go a few round of the slide. I love slides!