Shedding it....

I started off my new year resolution by reducing some fat around my belly and thought it's a good idea to stop taking supper, especially after a late dinner or replaced it with a fruit, like an apple. One of the most challenging and stubborn part of a male's body is to trim down the tummy where all our fats are almost 95% accumulated there. Anyway, it's seems very challenging so far! I think I didn't do enough cardio workout yet and love food too much! :P I will need to work harder and run more.

By the way, I thought the new mall at Katong, 112, was like Bedok Point where it housed all the eateries and restaurants, as can see from outside. Yes, it indeed but it does have quite lot of shops and marketplace too. I was there last Friday for lunch and found it to be quite a pleasant place. Anyway, I didn't eat at those expensive restaurants but ended up at a smaller Vietnamese restaurant and take on the set menu. For S$15, I got four dishes as below. The food were quite good, especially the coffee and the beef noodles. Love it!

Vietnamese coffee.... very creamy and strong, nice!.

Main course, Beef noodles and the soup was great!

Mango salad.... very delicious

'Paper rolls'...consist of vegetables and meat. Getting full already!
I will run more from now onwards. :P


  1. No more late suppers? sure or not? :)

  2. Glad to hear that you have started to work hard for your resolution, you're right, tummy fat is the hardest to get rid of, for both male and female =_=

    Anyway, do not give up!!

  3. Yummmmmm...I'd love the last two and coffee, black and kaw, of course!

    Used to stay in Katong in 1973 - loved the place - missing it heaps, haven't been there for a long long time.

    1. stp - haha.. the coffee really good.Katong still got those old shop houses but gradually changing soon.

  4. no more supper hard work wor...

    drink less coffee la