Let's de-stress......

It's almost mid-Jan and as the year kicks in, work are back as usual. Gone are the peaceful, quiet but joyful days of December and work stress started pilling up. Well, I do enjoyed the festive mood of Chinese New Year in the malls now, where the Christmas has been replaced with red lanterns, paper firecrackers, plastic flowers and etc. Not forgetting the joy of buying new year goodies and clothes.

However, it's still one month to CNY and reality creeps in, which is back to life and work. :) One of my resolutions are to beat stress this year. And, I thought this sharing could be useful to you too... some basic simple methods.

Have enough rest and sleep
Okay, I have not been discipline enough and it's almost 12.40am while I am writing this post. However,    sleep is really, really important. Whenever I don't sleep well, everything goes down the drain which includes my mood, energy, productivity...etc. And, it's vice-versa too if I slept well. I will try to sleep early. :)

Some physical instructor told me it's a medication, you must eat it. Thus, whether you like it or not, you must exercise and workout. A workout makes you feels good and helps you to sleep well, not to mentioned reducing the extra calories and fats.

Enjoy a game of anything you like, be it boardgame or sports. Read a nice novel or watch a great movie. You need to distract yourself from your problems. Go to some place nearby for a day trip and enjoy  the food and travelling. 

Challenge your problems
Write down and analyse your problems. If possible, work with a trusted friend or a professional. Problems can be opportunities. Overcome your weakness by taking actions. Seek advise in work and work smart.

Cultivate friendship and foster family bonding.
Need not to say much, good buddies and your loved ones are great companies in your life. Enjoy recreation activities with friends and family. Do thing together with family and periodically, have family bonding with kids and spouse on weekends and holidays.

By the way, another way to destress is to enjoy makan, but do not overeat. :) Had these over the weekend and thought it's nice to share with you.

A simple but healthy pasta

Strawberry latte

My favourite pandan  kaya toast 

Stay relax and have a good mid-week. The less stressful we are, the more we can achieved. :)