Didn't really have much time to update my blog all the time lately and moreover, not to mention last week. I just got back from the Klang valley, Seremban and Genting Highlands, celebrating my dad in law birthday. Back at work, it was as usual a busy week and after my usual workout, I was really tired to write, except to read and facebook-ing and 'instagram-ming.'

It was a packed trip last weekend, going to so many places in a short duration. Anyway, have a had a nice meal in Umai-ya at Bandar Puteri for Japanese buffet. I always love Japanese buffet though it's costly but the sushi intake worth all while. However, they also charged my little princess for RM30+ which is definitely not worth it. She only consumed a little chawanmushi, ramen and two ice-creams.hehehe....

Assortment of Sushi ...yummy

Enjoying her chawanmushi...just like me.. we love chawanmushi

My boy busy makan-ing...
Off to Genting for a day trip at 4pm and reached there around 6pm as my in laws going for Sally Yeh's concert while my nieces checking out the Halloween party there( Dunno what event is that but it was really long queue with lots of teens). As for me and family, I brought my kids to the indoor theme park for some fun (and $$$$.....) since I don't gamble and nothing much for me and my wifey to do there. :(

My kid enjoying his Merry Go Round ride

while my princess having fun with the 'Eiffel tower' car ride.... 
It's been years, since 2007, since I have been to Genting for Kitaro's concert and most of the attractions there are more or less the same, sort like a time-warp. Guess it be great if they add more new stuffs ! Anyway, it's nice to be back again and enjoy the cold climate!

Have a good week, folks!


  1. Wah you have been so many places during weekend! Must be tiring, but it's worth cause you were with your loved ones, right?
    Have a great week!

  2. Eat ..eat... all the good food! I think the kids enjoyed themselves the most in Gentings, right?

    1. reana - yup yup.... they really enjoyed themselves !

  3. Suchi? That looks like sashimi to me...all the raw stuff.

  4. Can't remember the last time I went o Genting... 1995, I think.

  5. Salmon........I am the die hard fan of it,can't do Jap food without it,by the way bro,don't get stressed too much from work ya

  6. STP - it's sashimi la.... Wow, its about time you pay getting a visit.

  7. Eugene - sure bro. Will do. Exercise more!

  8. Small Kucing - yeah, not as cold as in the past.

  9. Not a fan of sushi but I like chawanmushi!

  10. The sashimi looks awesome...heard about the place but yet to check them out.

    Chawanmushi is always a must for me with any jap meal!

  11. foongpc - haha...chawanmushi delicious hor?

  12. missyblurkit - yeap. chawanmushi is a must together with salmon sushi. thanks for commenting. :)