Lots of pork.....

The last two days leading to the weekend was quite tiring as I am back to my Toastmaster club doing my presentation on my projects. The last project I did was back in Jan 2011 and I am kinda feeling nervous leading up to the talk as I have been away for so long. Anyway, it was good one and I enjoyed the presentation very much. Then, I attended my company's lengthy Dinner and Dance last Friday evening but didn't won anything. :( It finished around 11pm with the dance haven't kick off yet and I reached home by almost 12am.

I only went home to JB on Saturday and found out my kid was down with high fever on that day. He's feeling better now after taking the meds but the peadiatrician wanted to see him again a few days later for a follow-up. I was planning to drive around to nearby getaways like Desaru or Kukup but seems like we have to be home bound. Anyway, not a bad idea as I can rest as well as it's been raining heavily lately. Not a good idea to drive long distance on rainy season.

Had a good time dining at Zen Taiwanese Restaurant in Tebrau City last Sunday evening. The food was good though the portion was slightly smaller. Both my wifey and I ordered the set meals and we ended up with lots of pork. hehehe....

The ambiance there was quite nice...

Love this cold ladyfingers dipped in sweet chilli

Here's mine... semi fat braised pork meat in claypot

The set came with some 'small dishes' like the above .. vegetables and dumpling

..and soup with rice

whereas my wifey goes for another braised pork claypot , with 'foo yee'.
I guess this is one of the better restaurants to dine in Tebrau City if you like to have Chinese food. The place was also very crowded on a Sunday evening. After that, just run some errands at Jusco and went back as the kid still not too well. 


  1. Zen? Here in Sibu, Zen is a Japanese restaurant...

  2. I like your choice... Looks nicer than your wife's. Slurpssss!!!!!

  3. dunno why, nowaday i cut down on pork although i got eat pork, lol

  4. Yummy fat pork!!! :D
    Wow you must be a good speaker eh?

    1. charmaine - hahaha...if good then no need to train. lol

  5. Ooo okra kerabu....nyonya dish. sedap

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  7. Did you take your parents here.. ?? :)

  8. Ladies fingers in chili! Yummy...love that simple dish a lot.

    Tebrau City...will be there next month for a project. Will try to chevk it out if time permits.

  9. Hi Chris, I sure love that braised pork. One of my food weaknesses is siew yoke, and we here have a huge population of Chinese from China, thus lots of Chinese food courts serving char siew and siew yoke, and often different styles pending which China province owner came from.
    And some the siew yoke really out of this world.
    Hope your kid ok now.
    Best regards.