Updates.... from Klang Valley

Well, I am currently in the Klang Valley (again) to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday as well as checking out IKEA to get some small furniture for my place in JB. It was a great drive from JB where I was expecting a congested highway but to my surprise, it was a smooth drive though there were lots of cars till Kluang. After that, it was smooth.....!!

Had a sumptuous Japanese buffet at Umi-ya in IOI boulevard for the celebrations and as well as cutting the cake back at my bro in law's place. Well, there were really lots of september babies at my in laws side which includes my son, wifey and myself. Thus, all of us celebrated!!

My kid and I ....both Sept babies...
It was shopping on the next day where we almost spent half a day at Ikano Power Centre and Ikea. Well, got some DIY furnitures and ready to paint the house this weekend. Also brought my kid to Toy r Us and of course, he got himself something whenever we are outstation. I planned to go to epicentre to get a stylus to 'massage' my 'mistress' but not enough time. (err...refer to my previous post before you make a conclusion). Will be heading to Pavillion tomorrow to get the stylus as well as getting a pair of shoes for wifey, before heading back to Singapore.

Before I signed off, here wishing all my Muslim friends Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holidays to others. If you are driving, do drive safely!


  1. Happy Birthday to you and your son. Those are red eggs or apples? Looks like a Christmas cake to me... Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Happy birthday!! And happy holidays! Double celebration ya :P

  3. STP - thanks ! Those are eggs la....aiyo! Xmas still 3 months to go ...soon!

  4. Thanks hayley ...it's a family gathering ! Enjoy your holidays and stay happy!

  5. Wah 4 birthdays in the ssame month! Happy Birthdays?

    You fan of crabs? if yes, maybe can go try out this steamboat buffet http://www.smallkucing.com/2011/08/sri-petaling-steamboat-palace-seri_24.html. The steamboat liu not much. Just average but the crabs are included in the steamboat. A change from BB Ho steamboat Puchong

  6. Kucing - loves crabs but cannot eat....too high cholesterol :(
    maybe try the steamboat only.

  7. Carol - sorry la....next time! This time very rush!!