Lovely Saturday ......

It was a great day! When I awoke this morning, the sunshine was beautiful in the late morning  while my lovely family were getting ready for breakfast. It was not a hot day and yet not a cloudy day, just a nice bright morning which I'm sure it will lift up everyone's mood. Yes, I was the last to wake up but also the last to sleep yesterday night...LOL. Well, it was actually not really a breakfast but brunch, probably an early lunch.

Arashi Shabu-shabu
We check-in to Arashi Shabu-shabu again in Tebrau City, after enjoying their promotion set meals two weeks ago. However, too bad, no discounts this time and it's back to normal price. Anyway, we still proceed with it, probably go for those not so premium meals.

nice ambiance !
getting ready...

I ordered a Chicken Ramen Shabu-shabu this time, which comes with a ramen, of course, together with chicken slices, mushrooms and vegetables. I go for Miso soup this time.

Chicken Ramen Shabu-shabu
Chawanmushi - my favourite
My wife preferred something lighter again and opt for a vegetarian shabu-shabu. It's not bad, as there are lots of mushrooms with it, as well as some 'vegetarian prawns and crab meat'. She tried their Hokkaido Milk soup, which tasted like some mushroom cream soup to me. :P
Vegetarian set
My kid simply loves one of their junior sets which comes with sushis, a chawanmushi, fish fillets and yakult. Too bad, this picture was not sharp enough. :(
kiddy set
can eat now....
After the brunch, we went around Tebrau city to shop while I got my broken specs replaced with a new frame. Well, I love this frame, much better than my old broken piece. :D My wife was enjoying some sales around with her sisters and ended up with a nice handbag.

We went for coffee nearby few hours later before coming back for a refresher and deciding where to go for dinner later. It's indeed a relaxing and lovely day!

Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. the enviroment looks good. Happy weekend to you and your family too

  2. nice shabu-shabu you had there. i nvr tried on the individual set of something similar to steamboat, must try it next time. you really had a relaxing Saturday with your family. nice nice... :)

  3. Place looks very expensive. Haven't been to shabu2 for a long time... usually a lot of msg. :(

  4. hey, family life is very sweet hor?? makes one to get married fast... hahaha...

  5. smallkucing - yeap, in a shopping centre. Nice ambiance!

  6. YYDTH - well, single bowl means more hygienic than one big bowl where everyone shares. :)

  7. suituapui - dunno got put MSG or not but I damn thirsty after that! hehehe

  8. reanaclaire - ask Aaron to get married fast!

  9. Hayley - yeah...it's not very old somemore. Open for 1 year like that if im not wrong.

  10. lovely sat, lovely meal, lovely wife, lovely children, what else could you ask for more? I wish you a lovely week too! ..