Mother's Day celebration at Pekin Restaurant

It's Mother's day and we celebrated it tonight! Err....well, I was not in Ipoh with my mum anyway but I brought two special ladies for dinner tonight - my wifey and my sister-in-law. Yes, will bring my mum for a good meal when I'm back in Ipoh, likely next month. :) We headed to the newly opened branch of the Pekin restaurant, which was quite well known in JB and has a few branches here. This is probably one of the biggest restaurant in JB and it was so spacious!!

Peking Duck (half portion) - RM28
We decided to try their Peking Duck and it was just ok to me, though it's not that bad. Maybe I'm not too fond of duck meat whereas my other fellow diners felt that it's delicious.

Homemade tofu - RM7
I love their homemade tofu. It was affordable and delicious! The tofu is very soft and I don't really know what they mixed with it, probably some vegetables as it looks greenish at the side.

Pekin Brinjal - RM15
I was surprise that this is brinjal as I kept asking what dish is this initially. They fried it and the brinjal are all hidden inside. Anyway, it's very filling.... I took a piece and was quite full!!

China Nai Bai - RM15
Of course, every meal must have some vegetables to balance the meat intake. Well, I like this...it's crunchy!

Tong Po Pork - RM22
Their tong po pork is a good one but too bad I don't take the 'shaking' fats! I'm sure I will be scolded by some folks for leaving the fats out. :P Overall, this is a very nice dish! Their gravy is simply fabulous!
Red Snapper - RM48
I love the steamed fish...not bad and no complaints with it. The meat is smooth and the gravy is just nice!

Taken some pictures around the restaurant. Behind the two dividers are the dining hall. The place is really spacious!

The long corridor which leads to a few dining halls
Outside the restaurant
Restaurant Pekin Johor Jaya is located at 1, Jalan Masai Baru, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 JB.


  1. I know what's that at the side of the tofu... worms! That's why it's so yummy :P

  2. Merryn - yes but it's cordyceps 'worms'...LOL

  3. Yum! Yum! Drool...drool!!! Happy Mum's Day to your missus & SIL and your mum too. Too bad you're not celebrating it with her. Check my link on Facebook: "Surat dari ibu"... Sobsss!!!

  4. As i said again and again.. very tarn la u... !!

  5. happy mother's day to yr wife.

  6. Wow, all the dishes look yummy!

  7. Happy Mother's day to ur wifey! :D

  8. suituapui - I will ... later la, when I go back Ipoh.

  9. reanaclaire - u more 'tarn' than me!

  10. Hayley - I guess u also have a sumptuous meal with your mum :)

  11. Looks very posh.. ok, hope to see u next month? :)

  12. that's cheap for that half portion of peking duck!