Qing Ming festival.....

Love this pic!! Read on.....
It's really been awhile since I last updated my post. Well, life's been the same, work, play and rest. I had an enjoyable time in Seremban over the last weekend for the Qing Ming Festival. It was at Nilai Memorial Park where we pay homage and respect to my mum-in-law who passed away in 2003.
My two camera shy kids....
When I was a kid, I used to remember that going to the cemetery at this time of the year can be a scary experience. Well, those old eerie cemetery doesn't help too and there's a lot of pantang like don't anyhow say things and we cleaned ourselves with fresh flowers bath and pomelo leaves - in order to get rid of 'dirty stuffs' after returning back.

Nowadays, most of the modern cemeteries or better known as memorial park, are pleasant looking and peaceful. I was at this Nilai Memorial Park and the place was clean and it don't really look so 'scary', as compared to those 'old generation' cemeteries. Some pictures taken here -

Love this pic too! Assortment of fruits which I got from Singapore

Captured a pix of a beautiful tree resting there

A' well-kept' jungle there
I have a great time taking pics and still have a lot of it kept in my hard disk, especially the intrinsic design of temples and so on.
lit up firecrackers.... 
Well,  just a pictorial blog here to share. Have a good mid-week!


  1. May she rest in peace. Nilai? Wah! You orang kaya hor... @.@

  2. Qing Ming is a way of showing respect and rememberance,, as for me i've always believed treating one nice when still living, kan that bagus?

  3. Eugene - totally agree. And, u reminded me of a trip back to Ipoh in may !

  4. Hmm, we chinese never forget to light up the red firecrackers during Qing Ming. hehe ^^

  5. Hayley - yeah lor... It's like a MUST ! Haha

  6. firecrakers? we don't do that..

  7. Nilai MP.. very nice place. Unlike the normal ones that we go.. lagi scary!!

  8. Wenn - some don't do that but being Chinese... U know la... Haha

  9. Merryn - yeah, here look like a park !

  10. I passed that place last week.. very clean .. just like the one where my father, your "god-dad" was buried..

  11. reana - well, i never visited his grave before.... well, i really need to plan one , maybe next qing ming or when i come back to Ipoh.

  12. OMG, nectarines and avocado for Qing Ming?!! That's such luxurious offer... repeated STP's question, " You orang kaya hor?" O_o

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. Hi Chris, Holy Smoke! Its that time of the year? Wish I can go visit my mom and dad's grave in Malaysia.
    Been a long, long time since I visited their graves.
    Maybe one day.

    Nice pics you took. I guess you're right, they look more like parks then a graveyard.
    Have a nice day.

  14. Alice - LOL...I got those from Singapore, it's cheaper over there.

  15. Uncle Lee - Yeah,I guess it's nice to come back to visit your ancestors' graves. Even my kids too, never visited our ancestors's graves. I gotta bring them these few years.