My Coffeess.....

Well, like a majority of folks, I can't survive without coffee even if I'm sick. However, I always try to limit myself to not more than three cups a day, most of the time, two cups per day. Coffee is a MUST for breakfast, no matter what! Anyway, I really don't why I like coffee so much as I don't drink it to stay alert as I would prefer a good night sleep and a good workout. Well, I guess it's probably the aroma! And, lately, I love less sweet sugar! Was it a sign of ageing or my 'standard' of coffee appreciation increased?

Well, here's some of the usual coffees that I took, nothing too fancy and expensive or premium. There you go -

Lavender Bistro's coffee - I always visit Lavender bistro while in JB and of course, coffee is always on my menu whenever I ordered my food. I like the freshness of the just grinded coffee beans melted in the aromatic black java! Well, I guess theirs is Arabian coffee. Btw, Im no expert in differentiating coffee beans.

'Ya Kun' Coffee - 'Ya Kun' is popular in Singapore and is everywhere in Singapore. This is my breakfast! I usually had Ya Kun coffee and their kaya toast at least 2-3 times a week before going to work. It's my way to indulge in some quiet moments before the facing the day. Almost all the aunties at the stall knew me!! LOL 

Old Town 'Nanyang Kopi-C' - Usually I get myself a cup while waiting for my wife to fetch me back from the JB custom every Friday evening. This is my favourite coffee in Old Town, I find it better and more 'kao' than their White Coffee.

Mentioning about coffee, definitely I cannot left out Starbucks. I usually patronise Starbuck for breakfast on Fridays, as it is the last day of the working week and thought it's a good idea to start a TGIF with a cuppa of Starbuck coffee. The coffee is strong, compared to the Hainanese roasted ones and it really keep me alert! 

Toastbox - Usually I had this during coffee-break whenever I am out for meetings in the afternoon. How great to savor a cup of coffee in the middle of a stressful day and after a meeting. :) This place is usually crowded!!

Well, as for this one.....errr... did I need to say more? A finished cup of coffee by me la..... hahaha...

 Have a great week, folks!


  1. All those cups of coffee is enuf to send me spinning for days!

  2. Everything must be consume moderately, so don't over drink ar~
    I'm totally opposite, I don't drink coffee at all ^^

  3. Merryn - it's poison to you but tonic to me... hehehe

  4. Smallkucing - i like nescafe initially but now, prefer some other brands. Currently, loving the Cosway Guarana Coffee.

  5. Hayley - u r right! When I go more than 3 cups...i will hyperactive. My heart will palpitate non-stop .... the only way is to drink lots of water and get it out....hahaha

  6. i don't take coffee but i hv plenty of samples here..

  7. wenn- I also got a lot of 3-1 coffee at home..hahaha