Do you believe in health supplements?

Over the weekend of the brand new year, I got myself some health supplements in a pharmacy. Well, I do believe in vitamins or herbs as I find that it really helps to improve my health. I was having bouts of flu on and off during the last few months of 2010 and after taking a high dosage vitamin C, it seems controlled (*touch wood*). LOL
I have been taking health supplements since my teen years but lately, I think I really took a lot. These are what I consumed daily :-

- Multivitamins (it's the most basic and it's a must)
- Omega 3 & 6 fish oil
- Essentiale Forte (to improve my liver functioning - due to taking cholesterol medication)
- Q10 ( to improve stamina as well as replenish it due to cholesterol medication)
- Hypocol (for cholesterol)
- Vit C

I guess most importantly, it's to take a multi-vitamin then followed by your needs. For example, you can see that I have high cholesterol, thus, I took supplements to reduce it,  besides taking the main medication. Health supplements are not cheap and I will definitely reduce some once my condition improves. Anyway, for now, I guess I'm taking the most supplements in my life so far...hahaha....
Of course, just don't relied on supplements but do also control your diet and exercise a lot, reduce stress and have sufficient sleep. Adopt a holistic approach towards health and healing.

What about you? Do you believe in supplements?


  1. I do take vitimins bro but i only take it alternate days,, because i believe i wont let my body depends too much of supplement for it will work out its own defense,, this is what i believe..

  2. Yes, being a kiasi girl, I take some health supplements everyday. Vit C, EPO and Acid Folic, haha ;)
    To me, the Vit C is the most important one, as it's a good antioxidant ;)

  3. now u remind me.. i opened my drawner and popped in an EPO.. take 1000mg of Vit C almost daily.. other than that, nothing..

  4. i tk Vit C! n used to take omega 3 but lazy. LOL!!

  5. i take fitline supplement regularly since 2005.

  6. i've stopped buying health supplements for a long time becos each time i just find myself stop taking that half way thru the bottle..eesh..lack of discipline!

  7. eugene - bro, yes, good to let the body built itself but then, these are not medications. So, it's ok to take daily but that's my opinion.

  8. hayley - wow..u taking acid folic... good for pregnancy! hahah..
    yes, Vit C is good ...for flu!

  9. reanaclaire-wah, u must thank me then for reminding you.

  10. Caroline- health supplements must take daily else it may not be that effective.

  11. smallkucing - ok.... some docs told me it's not necessary. well, really up to the individual.

  12. lena - hahaha...try to put it at somewhere convenient which will reminds u to take, or take those that u need. For example, collagen, if you want to look good or Vit C to prevent flu ...etc.

  13. Hi Chris, I have been taking only 'Bee Pollen' tablets...they contain practically all the vitamins, etc...
    as well helps slow down aging, ha ha.
    Check it out.

    Been taking it past 35 years! And believe it or not, I look younger than my younger friends, stronger too.
    My wife too.
    Stay healthy, best regards, Lee.

  14. Yes, I believe in them because I take them and they're very effective. I also don't just depend on supplements.

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