Christmas in Times Square

It;s been really a long time since I took a bus to KL. And, it's also the first time I booked a ticket online. Boarded the bus at Golden Mile Complex in Singapore as early as 9.15am and I'm on my way to KL. FYI, my family was in KL since last week and I took two days leaves to join them. It  was a nice pleasant journey in a super VIP coach with a massage chair. However, don't get excited over it as this is definitely not an OSIM or even nearer to Ogawa. The chair just vibrate lightly and it's even more uncomfy. LOL

I reach KL at about 2pm+ on a sunny Friday afternoon and alighted at Times Square. It was a welcoming sight indeed as the mall was nicely decorated for Christmas. Not forgetting there's a mini car show and PSP corner, and a pretty model walking around. :P

 I like this time of the year in KL.....!!


  1. bro,you got come to Penang for holiday or not,,let me know lah,i just met up with Arthur yesterday,second time around,like old friend already hahahahha

  2. So nice right! So Christmas feel...

  3. Welcome to KL! It's Christmas in the city! : )

  4. Eugene - don't know yet bro. cos Penang is a bit far. Will meet up with you when I'm there some time later.

    Smallkucing, hayley, wenn - what I like most is the atmosphere! It felt like Xmas when u visited the malls! Even better than cny!

  5. Foongpc-.haha , just returned back from KL! Will do some blogging on it.