Of late, I heard an engineer in my organisation was down with some critical diseases which needed kidney transplants. He was young at 30+,  just had a baby, bright, intelligent, dedicated in work and a nice chap! We were surprise by his sudden illness and really felt sorry for him and hope he will recovered soon. May God heals him and speed to him. This has jolted some of us where our lives are filled with chasing material gains.

An ex-varsity coursemate of mine which I recently contacted in facebook has taught me contentment. Though we didn't speak on the subject, I know this fella is a very religious and faithful Christian and humble. He seems working in his first job till now after graduated from the varsity since 1996. I I have changed a few jobs since...) And, his job neither pay him handsomely while of course, I'm sure he has decent salary. He picture his lives as very contented with his family and most importantly, he is a happy man.... (which he always is since the day I knew him in the college a decade ago).

I feels that contentment is about balance,  where we don't overwork for material gains while having time  for our family, leisures, friends, religion and health. In fact, contented folks seems a happy lot!  They need not fret about their friends or neighbours who are richer than them or drove a more expensive car than them and etc.

To be happy (and healthy) , stayed contented! I am still learning contentment. How about you?

“In everything give thanks” (1 Thess. 5:18)


  1. Yes, contentment is an achievement.. i have friends who scold me when i mentioned contentment in my life, where it comes to money.. they said i no aim for further.. yeah, i told them that God provides enough.. if not abundant.. hahha...
    I also had a singapore fren down with cancer recently and i feel very sorry for him.. nowadays, it attacks anyone regardless of age..

  2. That's why I'm always happy...I'm always contented, grateful for every little blessing that come my way. The other man's grass is always be greener - just learn to be thankful for whatever you have on your side.

  3. Yes, I learn to be contented everyday..
    No doubt sometimes we cant help but to complain, but come to think of it, there're still many things in life we should be grateful of.. So, I'll keep on reminding myself to be contented...

  4. You know bro,i want to share this with you........

    every time i look at myself, i am happy for i know i can still do what i like to do.

    i might not be rich but i have some money in the bank,that's cool

    i don't get to travel like many do but when i play with my two boys in my bedroom,, that's to me is Disneyland........

    Every time i mate it out with my lovely wife, i am contented that i have some one whom i love so much and who loves me as much in return..i know i blessed.

    I am thankful for all the little i have..........and i am thankful to you too.....

  5. Agree with Claire there. Must know when to be content. Chase $$ and fame also no use in the end. If God decided to take your life, you can't say no. It's better to be content with what you have and enjoy the day with family and friends

  6. reanaclaire - Im still learning contentment, perhaps it's balance to me now. Balance my life...

  7. suituapui - Yeah, I can see that from your blog, you're one happy man.

  8. Hayley - that's great! Keep it up! Sometimes have to cherish on what you have instead of what you don't have.

  9. eugene - im thankful for you too, bro. Thanks for commenting. Hope to meet u someday.

  10. smallkucing- yeah, don't go to the extreme but smell the flowers along the way. Cherish the moment!

  11. wenn - great! I;m sure you are a happy lady!

  12. I agreed with you, we need a moderation in every aspect, it even applies on contentment.

    Job and work wise, you can't content much else we can't really strive for the best!;D

    Family wise, you need to learn to be contented a lot, and never take for granted of our spouse nor children, my 2 cents!

    Have a joyful Holiday and happy new year!^-^

  13. Alice - thanks for the comments. Yes, we also need to advance in life, thus, I always term contentment as balanced in life. Have a good weekend!