oh dear.... time for an healthy diet

I had my medical checkup results yesterday and as usual, my cholesterol level is above the safe limit but I think it's not too dangerous. :P However, this time round, the triglycerides also slightly higher and one of my liver's reading called, SGOT, also slightly elevated. The medical personnel interpreted this is due to high cholesterol level and I can have fatty liver. He recommended me to take a liver supplement while asked me to reduce my fat intake.

And, what these means are, I gotta cut down on my McDonald's breakfasts, fried bee hoon, Bak Kut Teh, Roti Prata (Canai), fried stuffs, nasi lemak and etc, which has become part of my diet. :P And, I need to go for a diet of more non-meat, maybe 70% and 30% meat. Quite a tall ordeal but I guess I take that as a challenge, at least for a short term. :)

With that, I ended up starting taking low calories and healthy food from yesterday onwards like steamboats, bread and etc. Btw, having healthy foods are not necessarily bland and not tasty. Check this out -

Vegetarian Pasta with canola oil. It was nice but I got hungry so fast, almost after half an hour. I had this in Lavender, Taman Molek, JB.

It was a nice environment and setting to have a meal there in this Lavender outlet, whether it's breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. Very relaxing indeed...... and yes, my new challenge to reduce my fat! Opps....not forgetting my Americano below. I must have kopi to go along with any meals.

Have a good week folks!


  1. Bye, bye...nice food! Sobssss!!!!

  2. Suituapui- what to do, eat moderately lor

  3. Oh, sorry to hear about this...
    We really gotto watch our diet.. its better to be safe than sorry...

    Take care!

  4. Hey Chris, you better cut down all that heavy duty breakfast or lunch, ha ha.
    Holy Smoke! I have not eaten McDonalds many years.
    We live across the road from a McDonalds, and only been in 3 times, twice for coffee meet friends, once to eat.

    Suggest you drink lots of Chinese green tea, at least 5 a day. And start taking greens more and tau fu.
    I am 6' 1" and weigh 200 pounds, but not fat and my blood pressure, cholesterol levels all below normal...
    And I smoke too. Not much, maybe 6 a day.

    But I drink about 8 cups of Chinese Green tea everyday, a glass first thing in the morning, as well my iced coffee, ha ha.
    Stay easy, Chris keep well....Lee.

  5. Hayley - no need to be sorry...high cholesterol is very common nowadays. :)

  6. Uncle Lee - yeah but then, as someone who always eats out, it's not easy to get healthy food. I drank green tea too but cut down lately. I still got a whole box here. Thanks for commenting.

  7. smallkucing - I ate a lot last year but now, buay tahan. haha..You gotta eat a lot to lower it, not easy.

  8. very nice ambience. btw, take care of your diet ya.