China Trip 2017 - Guangzhou # 3 : Parks hopping !

We visited Yuexiu Park on an cool morning in Guangzhou and it was really a nice place to calm the mind and relax the soul. Surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers as well as cool air, how nice I can come over here whenever  I feel stressful. While climbing up the slightly hilly park, there was a sculpture of the Five Rams which probably is the icon for this tourist attractions.

Family Portrait at Yuexiu Park

The 5 Rams Sculpture 
Then, we traveled over to the Chen Ancestral Hall, which is a almost century old and housed the Guangdong Folk Art museum. There are lot of beautiful carvings around the buildings and hall as well as carvings of plants.

Carvings of plants in animal and birds form

The century old Chen Ancestral Hall

Look at the carvings on top of the rooftop

Yours Truly selfie with workers' statues

I guess this must be an ancient well 

More captivating and beautiful carvings!

It really took a lot of effort and skills for such beautiful carvings and they are everywhere

Next, when it is almost evening, we walked around the streets of Guangzhou and came to the Lychee Park. Well, it was really a day of park-hopping but I am fine with it as the air was cool and fresh. Moreover, we don't have to spend a single cent in parks.

An opera house at the Lychee Park and there were performances going on.

A scenic view of the canal there 

Another relaxing view in China, a pond in Lychee Park.

Very old trunk trees in the park. 

A panoramic view of the canal in Lychee park
After this, we head for our last attraction in Guangzhou before we headed home via a wee morning flight.


  1. 2017? Wowwww!!! You need to update your blog more regularly. :D

    1. Yeah , you are right! I’ve a bit lazy hahaha

  2. Maybe see if your company can send you there outstation,can go over again...

    1. Errr... if it’s work , I don’t want :P

  3. There are many such lovely parks and ponds in china, i been to one in beijing and the photos we took look like postcards, good to enjoy the fresh cool air, i love cooling weather too as i am more afraid of heat than cold

  4. *good to hear that you enjoy the fresh cool air

  5. The park is so beautiful. I like this type of sightseeing.

  6. Beautiful and serene parks. I love the carving on the roof. As well as the plants.

    The sight of the canal is breath-taking.

  7. This park is so lovely and serene looking with canals for a nice walk under cooling weather. I always bought snacks to eat and relax with my wife at the parks in China & Japan. In the whole world, I believe China has the most well landscaped parks due to the size of their country.