China Trip 2017 - Guangzhou # 1

The five day itinerary ends with visiting Guangzhou where we spent a long , long day there. Well, the trip actually started with a bang, by visiting Macau and winds up in Guangzhou before we boarded our flight back to Senai International Airport in the wee hours at 3am! However, hold on first, we had a great time shopping around Guangzhou after arriving from my ancestral home, Panyu.

I have to break this one long day and night itinerary to a few posts as we visited quite a number of places. Again, I let the pictures do the talking .....

I love the old buildings in Guangzhou. Sometimes I felt like home as some of Ipoh's old colonial buildings also looks like this, minus the cold temperature.

It was almost Christmas then and we were at the famous Beijing Street, its a shopper's haven!

Look at the crowd at the crossroad!! I gotta hold my kids tightly! Errr..wife too else I need to bring a younger wife from there back home... muahahahahaha!

Another view of Guangzhou old street

Back to Beijing Street to shop! 

Walking around  the huge and long street between the shops. The stuffs there doesn't come cheap!

I somehow mesmerize by the ads here, well, it was Angelababy  Ads before this!
We went to Shangxiajiu Street for another 'treat' of shopping the next day. This place seems more affordable (though still not cheap) than Beijing Street and we managed to buy some stuffs. My son and I got a pair of sports shoes while wifey and my princess also got themselves some clothes.

It was a cool afternoon at Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Finally some food pixs. Yours truly cannot stand the huge BBQ octopus ... it was hot and slightly spicy! Yums!


  1. Anything about China sure excites me to maximum so I don't mind you breaking them into 50 posts.... but you take so damn bloody long to update your blog. Each time cob webs appear with putrid slime and live maggots dripping from your blog out of my computer!!

    Now I think your photos are interesting and the crazy street crossing reminds me of Shibuya crossing in Tokyo which is the biggest that easily have over a thousand crossing from all directions. You can watch them at YouTube.
    I was just telling my buddy that we should go check out the village of our ancestors too bit we know no one there!! Did you find the written book that jotted your Kurage name?? Muahahaha

    Honestly every city in China will look alike soon with big boulevards and giant LED screens. I still have not toured Guangzhou although I have transited their huge scary airport few times. It was a messy airport with no crowd control.

    1. Thanks for your support. I have been busy and lazy as well after the CNY festival. Anyway, I have pre-written the subsequent posts and it will be published consistently. Hahaha

      Yeah, China is really advance with a skyscrapers all around. It’s a cheaper alternative to enjoy winter there than spending a fortune on other winter countries. However , they still need to improve on their services and toilets.

  2. That's one lovely Christmas tree!

  3. Any plan during the June school holiday to bring your family on a family trip?

  4. I also cannot stand not having grilled octopus. Super big!

    I love looking at the old historical buildings.

  5. Looks like a fun trip from your photos and description

  6. Oh goodness, those octopus are really huge! I'll be the only one eating them. The boys for sure wont.

  7. oh, so ur ancestral from Panyu too....I dunno where is my ancestral home (or is it still exist) but both my paternal & maternal grandparents hailed from Panyu.

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