Osim Sundown Marathon 2016 ...

I remember I did my first half-marathon last year at Sundown 2015 and I felt the jittery then, Well, how time flies and I participated in my second half-marathon at Sundown again. Initially I thought I am not going to do another Sundown after all the sacrifices , I gotta nap on Saturday before the race and on Sunday after the race, cos the event started around 12mn. However, since I always ran in the evening in the dark, I thought to myself , why not another one? It's an easier run compared to those hot morning runs! Yes, its indeed a pleasant and easier run and I could have improve my PB if I didn't take too many toilet breaks and 'kaypoh' around , by stopping to take pics.

Here's a view of MBS, Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Flyer, Suntec City ...all in one !

I felt great before the run though I only trained for two weeks only, with a max of 12KM run. It's always good to travel to the destination with a train full of runners in the blue singlet. Anyway, (as usual), the run was delayed till almost midnight instead of 11.30pm as schedule.

Folks reaching the F1 building, which is becoming the hub for runs

Folks warming up at the starting point

More and more young ladies people at the 21.1KM starting point

Getting ready .... 

A view of the F1 Building with the Flyer at the background

Wefie time with my running partner , Bala. He also ran the same race with me last year. while all my other running mates prefer to hit the bed ..LOL
It rained earlier and that makes the run quite pleasant. In fact, I don't face much problems for the first 10KM. The route was similar to last year's and we are at the climb again after 1KM at the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. I decided to walk while climbing to conserve energy and sprint down later. Then, we turn into East Coast Park , where I usually ran every Wednesday, all the way till the 10KM mark. It was a familiar sight to me since this is considered my 'training ground'. Anyway, I do take a breather at 8KM by walking before running towards 10KM. 

Somehow I felt tired after 12KM and I decided to walk to conserve energy and I tried to take it 2KM at a time. It works till 18KM where I really need a longer 'walk' but I am glad to reach thus far. I thought I have beaten my PB but I shouldn't have stops too many times in stretching, taking pics and toilet breaks (I drank a lot of water before the run...LOL). Towards the end, there was a steep climb to Marina Barrage rooftop, which was new in this year's route. I guess it's due to some renovations work near Garden's BTB. As usual, I walked up and sprint down again , and it was walk and run in the last 3 KM.

I considered the 15KM mark a great milestone whenever I run HM.

And hello 20KM  ... almost done. Always delighted to see this signboard.

After the run, a 'shadow' pix with my running mate.

And, another achievement for both of us

Here's the fabulous medal , simply the best looking medal to-date!

Again, though I didn't train much but I still need to improve on my stamina and speed as well as stop all those unnecessary breaks. I reached home at around 5.15am and got an early breakfast in McD before going to bed at around 7am and woke up at 2pm. Will take a rest now to recuperate my injured feet before my next 10KM run in August. (or maybe another HM in end July....)

Have a good week, folks!


  1. Wow. I get tired reading your run. Bravo to you Chris. Now take a break and rest your feet.

  2. Congrats!!! You will need a new custom-made cabinet to display all your medals. Keep it up!

  3. Congrats on another HM finish! :)

    You can do a good timing with two-weeks' training, just inject intervals and speedwork in your runs for a faster finish and one or two longer runs.
    But don't go with only a week training. Hihihi

    So, are you doing UEM Run Johor in August?

    1. Thanks for the tips. Lina. Yeah , I did some of the interval trainings earlier of the year but stop due to laziness. Will try again else I will stuck in hm. Wish to do a fm soon.

  4. Wow! You slept at 7am and woke up at 2pm. So koyak uncle! Muahahahaha

  5. Go to IKEA to buy those glass cabinets to display your medals. My wife wanted to throw away all her medals, so I kept them to make key chains!

  6. It is good that you have Bala to be your running buddy. Runners need constant motivators!

  7. I think it's quite fun to run at night. Not that hot and can enjoy the night view.

  8. Well done! I cannot imagine doing a midnight run. Usually by 9pm I am sleeping already hah..hah...

  9. If me, I also prefer night run than day run, night time more cooling

  10. A very good effort, Chris. It was so happening.

  11. Hi Chris! Sorry for not dropping by.. Kinda busy, as usual la, hehe!

    Anyway, seems like you are doing good as usual, busy running! Well done!! I don't think I can do what you did also, wakaka!