Randon Notes#4/2015 .....

 1. It was another long week for me as I have been real busy with work as well as my own personal workouts. I thought of going to the blogs to comment but too tired to do so after work and ended up resting and relaxing watching videos and reading articles on the net till my eyes are heavy. I will try to comment on my readers' blogs. :) 

2. Well, I have been playing badminton with this group from my company for almost 9 years but too bad, last Wednesday was the last session. The attendance was dwindling from the grand days of almost 20 players (where we booked two courts then) to four or less. Players has quitted the company and there are no new players to replace the old crop. Finally, the remaining four of us who considered 'veterans' of the group decided to celebrate after having the last game and went for beer and food. Well, as for me, I will join other groups as I still love the game, but I take a break now and focus on my two runs, which I signed up.

3. Brought my little princess last Sunday to pierce earrings as she wanted to wear earrings after seeing her kindy mates wearing. Well, I guess it's peer pressures but it's also time to poke two holes onto her earlobes for her age. She was afraid but yet, wanted to do it. The procedure was very fast, almost like a second where the sales ladies at the jewellery shop  'shoot' the earrings onto both her earlobes but half a minute later, tears started flowing down her cheeks and she hugged me and cried silently. Anyway, the pain went away quite fast and she was back to her cheerful self shortly. hahaha... 

4. The haze returned back earlier of the week and I have to resort to running on the treadmill this week. It got better on Wed and Thurs but due to work, by the time I reached home, it was quite late. Thus, I ended up going to the gym to run. I hope to run again in the open next week to prepare for my 10KM run next Saturday. Hope the skies are clear from now.

5. Oh... I will be off-work on Monday for my birthday. It's actually Tuesday but I decided to swap the entitlement to Monday for a long weekend, which also means I will be working on my birthday on Tuesday. Looking forward to the long leave while my wifey suggested going for a high tea buffet at a hotel on Sunday. I am looking forward to it.... :) 

6,. Btw, tried a new eatery in Taman Molek which specialised in Nyonya curry fish head. I didn't note down the eatery name , probably too hungry and tired then ... hahaha... next time! :) 

Nyonya Curry Fish Head - Love the fragrant and my kid enjoyed it very much despite the spiciness!

Vegetables with 'mui chai' on top

And, Kampung chicken with brands chicken essence. I love the soup since it's actually chicken essence. The meat is hard and nice!
Have a good weekend! :)


  1. Ooooo...the nyonya curry fish head looks so good. Gravy looks like that in the coconut prawns I had for dinner - today's blogpost!

  2. I like steamed kampung chicken.

    My girl has her ears pierced for 2 weeks now. Get your princess to make sure her ears dry and apply anti-bacterial cream on them especially on 1st week. And watch out on what she eats.

    Oh. Your birthday is coming! Happy birthday in advance.

  3. #1.. well, unless you are a full time blogger, we are all working people and blog is just some past-time we do if we have time, so totally understood your situation..

    #2.. aiyoh to bad your group of "veteran" badminton players had just ended the last game.. nvm join new group of people and I am sure you will learn new styles and improve.. :)

  4. #3.. haha!! your princess already wants to look good and pretty at her age huh?? well, as long as she like it, I think it's not anything bad to have her ears pierced also.. :)

    #4.. yeah, the haze is coming back and furthermore it's the 7th month of the lunar calendar and the burning of offerings and incense could make things worse huh??

  5. #5.. awww, at first I thot you are a Merdeka baby!! not bad also you can swap your off-day given for your birthday.. but to exchange for a long weekend you gotta work on your birthday..

    #6.. wah, nice food and all are so good to go with rice leh!! I would like to try the yao mak with mui choi..

  6. Sept 11, Public Holiday, another long weekend for you ya...

  7. wah... Happy Be-early Birthday to you.

    Feeling tired ah. Like that you have to start drinking solarised water like sk and tm la .

    Happy long weekend to you

  8. Happy long weekend to you and Happy Birthday in advance!

  9. Long weekend ahead, take a good rest.. And happy birthday in advance wor.. The curry fish head gravy looks so yummy, gimme 3 bowls of rice, thanks !

  10. Happy Birthday in advance! Enjoy your holidays :)

  11. Happy Birthday to you, Chris. Your beautiful princess is having her mummy's good look.
    Please remind your wifey to apply some antiseptic on her ears to prevent her ears to get infection after ear piercing.

  12. Enjoyed reading your random notes, you must be a doting father to your princess, Early Happy Birthday to you Chris, enjoy your long weekend

  13. Last time we played badminton as a social gathering, just once in a while, not as often as you

  14. Do enjoy your high tea buffet at hotel with your wifey

  15. didn't know can use brand's chicken essence to cook chicken..will try this one.

  16. Hi tea at hotel, I like the idea for my birthday :D
    Happy birthday to you!!

  17. All the best for your 10K!

    Hope haze will claer for your run. :)