tired ... so let's have kim chi ...

One thing I love about shopping malls food courts in Singapore was they have a variety of foods to choose from , ranging from Japanese, Korean, Malay, Indonesians, Western, Chinese and etc. There are soups, fish head noodles, fast food joints, nasi padang, economic rice, indian cuisines, pizzas, pasta and etc..... which offers a rich choices for lunch or dinner.

I was kinda tired one night after work and thought it's a good idea to buy a simple kimchi set for dinner. It's not the best but then, not too bad. At least, the spicy kimchi invigorate me for a while before I get my restful sleep. And, it was also a cold night! 

kimchi set....


  1. Dont know how to enjoy kimchi yet... but this one looks appetizing on a cold rainy night..

  2. kinda good to have everything under one roof.

  3. Believe it or not I've never tried kimchi.

  4. I love kimchi soup, but korean food are so expensive here. :(