Stressful weeks....

The past three weeks starting from before CNY and after CNY have been quite stressful for me. There were lots of works, some of them were quite pressurized, which came one after another. I needed to gave a presentation to my CEO for a tender, then as a part of the organizing committee for my company's staff forum, where I controlled the slides with my colleague for almost 1000 plus audiences, getting ready for ISO audit and another presentation to a group of people for my tender. Anyway, all these will end by next Tuesday and I am looking forward to the next weekend. I prayed to the Lord and thank God He sustained me during these periods.

Meanwhile, its been a while since I had steamboats and glad there's a Ho Ho steamboat in JB. I like Ho Ho steamboat, be it in KL or JB. Their ingredients were very fresh, the chilly sauce was appetizing, the 'lala' (cockerels) vermicelli was delicious and their soup was simply great.( though I need to drink lots of water after that :P)

The fresh seafood and ingredients

Noodles and vermicelli as fillers
eating the noodles like 'mamee'.... @_@

He loves to cook (or play...)

Ingredients in..... time to steam

ready to eat...yummy...

We ordered two broths, one clear soup and the other tom yum and I preferred the latter. Not sure if other branches had tom yum as I usually had the clear soup in Puchong's BB Ho steamboat. The first serving was always the best, once cooked, dipped in the special chilly and it's heaven! :)


  1. Not for me, thank you. No prawns, no seafood... Sobssss!!!!!

  2. Hopefully the coming week is a better one for you~

  3. Hi Chris, I sure love this hot pot. Where we are we get to eat HongKong, Sczhechuan, Yunan, Beiging, Shanghai, Thai, etc hot pots...
    But we don't fool around with those from Shanghai...

    I eat rice everyday and must have my chilli...but when I tried Shanghai hot pot, was asked whether we wanted it spicy, I of course replied, 'yes'.
    And when it came there was very red chillies in the soup pot...
    and after three mouthfuls, I practically ran to the bathroom put my face under the tap!
    None of us dare eat Shanghai hot pot anymore....
    It's in the 9 megaton range! Ha ha ha.

  4. Long time i didnt take steamboat.. do it ownself more healthy.. hahaha..

    1. reana - ok la... goes to those reputable ones. After all, is cooked under high temperature, all microbes killed already.

  5. From the 1st pic of the ingredients, looks good...

  6. I am a great fan of steamboat anytime! I love the fun to sit for hours chatting and fishing out my favourites from the hot pot.

    I think Ho Ho steamboat are franchised outlets and they have to get daily fresh supplies from Pulau Ketam! JB is so faraway!

  7. tainy days nice to have steamboat. Ya the ones in Puching always very popular

  8. Wah you need to do so many things at work, your position must be very high! :D

  9. STEAMBOAT!! i guess no steamboat for me for half a year.. i have had enough during CNY.. it's our dinner starting from the reunion and lasted for few days~~ LOL @_@"