Little things in Ipoh....

When I was in Ipoh, I did visited a few food courts and the GP foodcourts were one of my favourites. There are really lots of stalls around selling different type of local food and it's cleaner compare to other food courts. Most of the food courts were crowded during peak hours.

GP food court in First Garden
I had a coffee break at this foodcourt and it was less crowded then. The first thing I do is to try their white coffee. The coffee was good, though not as good as those of old town or 'Wah Nam'. (that's the best coffee I ever had in Ipoh)

Nice white coffee
Enjoyed a small bowl of prawn noodles there
 The prawn noodles was spicy but good. I actually wanted Asam Laksa but it seems the stall was closed. Then, I was at the famous 'Tung Ku Teng' , a foodcourt at Ipoh Garden central.

 It was really crowded around 8pm and getting a place was challenging. Anyway, managed to get 'strategic' location near the popular food like chee cheong fun, Chicken hor fun and fried kway teow. Again, I tried the kopi first but it was not as good.

White kopi for the night...
I packet some of the mentioned food and it was not as good as before, perhaps I guess it's due to CNY and the crowd. Maybe it's nicer during normal period.


  1. Must KIV this. Who knows, may hop over to Ipoh one of these days?

    1. STP - come over!! Airasia got cheap tickets?

  2. Yes, during CNY, i discouraged people to come visit IPOH.. food is below par and more expensive and not only that, the jam on the roads turn one off... :)
    Hope you can visit ipoh again soon!

    1. reana -See got more time to make a trip back.

  3. Ipoh is also a food paradise, but quality drops during festive season.. And become expensive too!

  4. i miss ipoh hor fun! :) very simple dish, but always satisfying

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  5. The prawn noodles looks good. Now you make me wanna eat prawn noodles >_<