Happy Birthday .....

September is a month where most of my family members' birthdays fall on! I'm leading the pack on the  first day followed by my bro in law on the 2nd. The nephews and nieces followed subsequently by my dad in law with my wife closing the birthday celebration curtain by end September. And, not forgetting my son whose birthday falls on last Saturday. Well, he did had a jolly good time with his presents and almost slept at 2am playing with his toys, especially the lego set  that I bought.

For the rest of us, well, it's time for me to give everyone a treat on his birthday. Since he wanted to have western stuff, we decided to go to Yew's Cafe at Taman Molek. It's been awhile since we been there!!

Above and below...entrance of Yew's Cafe

This bistro offers both western and oriental cuisines and I think their prices are reasonable for such a classy place. I love their jazz music which really gave the place a relaxing mood. In my opinion, there used to be quite a crowd here but due to new shop lots and new eateries nearby, there were more choices now for diners. Nonetheless, I still find quite a number of folks here.

The interior... and upstairs of the bistro

Here's the birthday boy... he really grown up!
Taken with his pretty cousin sis and of course, his baby sis... :)

And here's yours truly with the birthday boy...
Up and below.... my little girl can't wait for her yang chow fried rice

yummy.....she's a rice cooker.... love rice!

And, here are our main courses ......

Fish and Chips for my kid ....which eventually shared with my wife... 

Chicken Chop for his pretty  cousin sis....

And ...I had Sirloin steak with butter herbs.....yummy... love the butter herbs!
My son can't wait to go back after the dining though we are heading to nearby Jusco for a walk. He  was really excited to unwrap his presents.. :)

Have a good week, folks!


  1. Happy Birthday, all. God bless always.

  2. Wah, so coincident! Can have a grand birthday celebration together! =)

    Happy blessed birthday to your son!

  3. Happy Bday to your boy who is looking so much like you now.

    1. Merryn - thanks. He will be more handsome than his already handsome papa.

  4. Quick quick grow up boy,your papa can't wait to see you grow up fast fast hahaahhahah.

    So boy,here is uncle Eugene wising you a great Happy Birthday and God bless you alot and a lot ya

  5. He really looks like his father. Hmmm....need to eat more ya.

  6. yes, Hayley. All of us are September babies. thanks!!!

  7. Yum yum!
    Happy birthday to your little boy! :D