Pushing an elephant in me.....

As the proverbs said, ' there is always a season for everything....' And this is a season of poor health and work for me. Urgent or challenging tasks just comes and go, one after another while I was sick on and off for the past two months. I can't help feeling anxious whenever there are issues in work. And, whenever I ate something wrong, my throat will get startled up where I needed to reach for the antibiotics and cough mixture. Anyway, things getting better now as I guess most of my difficult tasks started to stabilise and I am feeling better. It's time to go back to my routines.

After away from working out for a while and gaining weight, it's really tough to get myself back to the gym. The word is 'lazy', as I would prefer to go home, had a nice dinner and relax in my bed either by listening to music, surf or read a book. I am also having problems waking up early on Sunday morning for church, where I prefer to snooze a little bit longer, till the brink of noon. I remember an elderly folk who actively exercises told me once you stopped exercise, it will take some efforts to go back. How true!! I also been skipping some of my other activities after work like doing my toastmaster club projects and badminton. It's high time to push this cold engine to start up and get going...hahhaa...

By the way, check this out ....

My favourite Miso Ramen with garlic oil at Men-ichi Ramen in Northpoint, Singapore

Craving for a salmon (sake) sushi and decided to order a plate..yummy... love the feeling of dipping some wasabi onto it and chew!

Chawanmushi - something I can't do without when having Japanese food. It was great on a cold night.
Burp..... and TGIF.....and long weekend!!!!! Enjoy yourselves, folks! It's the season to wind down already......


  1. Japanese? No, thank you. Ya...people used to exercising must keep at it - when they stop, they will feel/fall sick.

  2. Mmm...nice....but why the Ramen so oily geh?

    Have a great weeknd and drive safely :)

  3. STP - no la.... Won't sick because stop exercising but could be due to other factors due to non exercise.

  4. Wenn - thanks...I need a break badly.

  5. Small Kucing - it's due to garlic oil !

  6. Have a delightful weekend and enjoy your holidays!!! Selamat Hari Raya to all your Muslim readers.

  7. Take care! Drink more water and soluble vitamin C.
    BTW, Japanese food is healthy, eat more :D

  8. Hello Chris, wow! You sure know your foods, ha ha.
    I'm not much of a salmon person....the ones I catch, 20 to 30 pounds I give my friends.

    How's the family? Anyway, happy holidays to you, have fun.
    By the way, Chris, you've been to Pengarang, Johore, near Desaru...I used to go there, the fishing village eat fresh seafood.
    Best regards.

  9. Charmaine - thanks, have a good time!

  10. Uncle lee- yeap, I have been there as well as tried the seafood over there. It's very crowded on weekends and public holidays.