Weekend in Singapore......

Since my wife and kids were in KL at the moment, I will have to spend this weekend in Singapore. It's been a long while since I had my own weekend in Singapore as I always back in JB. I remember during my single days then, I usually frequent the Planet Fitness gym, shop around especially for CDs, went for a movie and had sushi and Japanese food for dinner, either with my siblings or friends.

Well, I brought my nephew and niece out today to shop around, have a nice meal as well as catch MIB3. This is the second movie I watched after avengers two weeks ago after a long long while. We frequented Swensen, which was always crowded on weekends and had the following set meals, which came with a coke, soup and ice--cream.

Vegetable soup.... was expecting mushroom or chicken soup ...
Fish & Chips - my nephew's order
Salmon Pasta - my niece's favourite
My healthy Grill salmon
Nice to bring them out after so long....
And dessert - one scoop of ice-cream for each one of us.
Altogether this costs me around S$70+. Sounds expensive but ok la...once a while..hehehehe.... I got myself a working shoes to replace my old pair and we head for MIB3.

Well, will go for a game of badminton tomorrow afternoon in the east and thought of pampering myself with a massage later ... hmm...Let's see...

Have a good Sunday!


  1. Yummm!!!! Western... So nice to be in Johore, easy to pop over to Singapore anytime.

  2. The food big portion le.

    A nice weekend to u

  3. wow.. the kids were so lucky to hav you treating them such a nice dinner :) salmon looks yummy!!

  4. the salmon pasta looks good. is it carbonara?

  5. Wah so enjoy when ur wife is not around huh? LOL!