Beautiful sunset......

Well, it's been two weeks since I last updated my blog, thanks to my hectic schedules at work and the flu bug which struck me first, then my son and over the last weekend, it struck my wife and my baby daughter. :( Well, glad all of us are feeling better now. Life is kinda dull for me lately as it's just work and work , did some exercise at night and rest during the weekends.

I came across this beautiful pix which was shared by my ex-colleague in facebook of a nearby lake. It was really a refreshing image of nature and beautifully taken. I passed by this lake almost daily  but never seen such a beautiful portrait of it.

Have a great mid-week and slow down to smell the flowers and be aware of the beautiful nature around you. :)


  1. It is indeed a sight to behold. I love sunsets... and sunrise too! Just that normally too sleepy to catch sunrise.. so sunset is more like it..

  2. Indeed a nice sunset. We in The Netherlands would like to see the sun once. It has been raining here for weeks.


  3. Hahahahahaha!!! Healthy eating...in the end, down with flu also...and infected whole family some more. That's why the old Chinese say: "Dirty eat, dirty fat!" Will be strong and immune to everything. Glad you're better - take care...and eat more. LOL!!!

  4. choy tor sun chee yeok! come to ipoh la.. more fresh air, right?

  5. Don't worry bro, it is good to take a breather sometimes,,,,,,,i am always here for you and your blog,,,,,,

    glad that flu is gone now,right?

    keep blogging ya

  6. True, sometimes we should slow down and enjoy seeing the small little things around us...

  7. hopefully u n family getting better by now yea. *hugs*