A creepy encounter.....

I was driving back from Kluang to JB on a dark evening at around 7pm+. It was slightly rainy and I decided to pull away from the traffic at one of the rest stops for a bio break. I could feel the breezy wind and light scatter rain while walking to the gents.

After I am done with my job, I slowly walked back to my car. While walking, I was curious with what I saw, a big white cloth standing alone by one of the pondoks (huts) around. I kept looking at the 'thing' and the white figure doesn't seems to move. It just stayed there .... motionless. It was quiet on a Saturday evening at the stop and I thought let's not bother about it, whether it's really those things or not.

I drove back and reached home safely. While taking my shower, I noticed a big bruise on my arm. I was wondering how this blue-black came along as I don't feel anything before and no pain too. I don't think it was caused by resting my arm on the side of whatever in my car. Then, chills sent down to my spines! I heard of what my parents or elders said about those things which pinch you until blue-black when you are alseep. Could it be that white thing which pinched me ??

hahaha..... relaxs folks! This is a case of I scared my ownself! I later realised the bruise was caused by my badminton racket where I accidentally hit my arm while smashing few days ago, though I didn't realise I was blue-black already. LOL ... And  the white thingy, well, later it did move, where it kneel down and up. It's actually someone performing prayers at one of those designated huts at the stop. :P

Have a good week, folks!


  1. Hi Chris, ha ha....you saw something. I carried something in my car. Sure frightened the heck out of me too!
    Wish I can play badminton. Love the game, but here people only crazy over baseball, Ice hockey and basketball.

    You stay easy and keep well, Lee.

  2. Reminded me of the time I was on night-watch...my mum in the medical centre. I went out for a smoke...and I did not know that it was time for the Indon maid to say her prayers. When I came back into the room, I could not see her...but the moment I closed the door, I jumped up in fright - she was behind the door, all dressed in white... Imagine my shock! LOL!!!

  3. Ewww creepy la!
    If I were you, I sure wont look at that white cloth and just walked away.. sometimes, being kepo is not good at all!
    Anyway, glad that your bruise is caused by a reason, take care!

  4. Ha Chris,fret not for the Lord is with you,hahhahahah

  5. laaa.....really made my heart stopped for a moment LOL..

    see...everything have a reasonable explaination :P

  6. Uncle Lee - woah...what did you bring to your car? Blog it!

  7. suituapui - that's exactly the same as me. hahaha... Thanks for sharing, it indeed scared the hell out of you.

  8. Hayley - I want to see if it's really a ghost or human mah.. rather than keep on thinking about it. :P

  9. Smallkucing - hehehe... u so scientific!

  10. Haiyoh! You scared me to read your post at 12.51am!!!

    Suituapui ~ LOL.. kekekekeke!