Bo Cafe, JB

After receiving my medical checkup report, I got a new or rather 'renew' resolution to eat healthily (which I will see how long this would last.....), thus I decided to embark on healthy food - check out Bo Cafe again, which I've blogged in my old blog. The environment there is still nice - green, pleasant, serene, pond and fish, free wifi and most importantly, heathy vegetarian food done in bistro style.
Above and below, a view of the interior of the cafe. Notice the nice and pleasant environment there.
Another view - their glassy door entrance towards the pond and beautifully planted trees. It was a good Sunday then.
I especially love their soup and one of them is their mushroom soup. I can felt that it is freshly cooked and brewed, unlike some restaurants which gave us Campbell tin soup. It was a big bowl and by the time you finished it, it was quite filling! Cost - RM5.80
Here's what my wife had - Shanghai Noodle Soup. There's a lot of varieties of vegetables in the soup together with dumplings, without meat. It was a big serving too! Cost - RM8.80.

I ordered a delicious and healthy Pasta with Herb Cream Sauce. It was slightly creamy and I love the taste of their herbs, well, not too sure what type of herbs they cooked with. I guess this is healthy enough to lower my cholesterol.:) This cost RM10.80.
As always, my meal wouldn't complete without a nice cuppa of Americano. Check out the freshly brewed Americano below... :) This really refreshes my mind for the day!
I decided to take a few more pics of the exteriors of the cafe. Below is a nicely made fountain with a spiral shape.It's quite a good place for photo taking.
And, below, checking out the cafe outside. Noticed a lady taking pics too!
Bo Cafe is located at - 8, Jalan Mutiara 7, Kawasan Perindustrian Plentong, 81750 Plentong, JB (near Plentong Giant)


  1. wow, love the environment, very nice!

  2. alamak...seeing the shanghai noodle makes me wana eat pan mee pulak..

  3. jen , Cindy - Exactly! The environment is pleasant. It's a good place to come to de-stress.

    smallkucing - have u eaten pan mee? KL's pan mee the best!!

    長宜芳修 - :)

  4. Lovely restaurant. The Shanghai Noodle Soup looks appetizing.

    Re your health, I hope you're okay. Take care my friend.

  5. I oso feel like wanna eat pan mee... aiyaks... that evil kucing!

  6. June (Asian Traveler) - thanks. No worries, my checkup is fine. :)

    cleffairy - maybe u and kucing go eat pan mee lor

  7. First time visit your blog...

    Got to know your blog thr Kikey blog...

    The environment looks good...

  8. Thanks 'Somewhere in Singapore'! Will add your blog to my list. :)